The Ungoliant Project

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Planned Features


    We would like to provide libraries and headers in C and PHP with which users can easily develop new sensors, using a unified method to submit offenses.

  • SSL Support

    Said APIs should use SSL for all transactions to mitigate the posibility of forged submissions.

  • SNMP Discovery

    We would like to have Ungoliant optionally detect certain network characteristics using SNMP.

  • Statistics

    Ungoliant should generate usable statistics about isolated & registered machines.

  • DHCP fixes

    The current DHCP handling is, well...rather nasty. We plan a complete re-write of the scripts responsible for this.

  • Web-based Config

    We would like to allow initial configuration through a web-based interface.

  • Documentation

    We need more of this.

  • MySQL variable storage

    Config files are for n00bs. We would like to have all configuration information stored in MySQL tables.

  • Per-switch model state-change scripts

    Flapping a port via SNMP is currently only known to work on cisco devices. We plan to keep a database of switches installed on the client network, and determine how to cause a re-negotiation based on switch model, with default fallbacks such as short DHCP lease times for switches that either cannot be flapped, or have no VLAN support.


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